No conscience at council

How interesting to watch the news and hear interviews with the homeless. 

The legitimate homeless. Not the drug addicts.

They feel more comfortable staying out on the streets in the freezing temps like we are having right now than to stay in a shelter that is full of addicts because it is not safe to be around them.  

Mayor Basran and councillors, you need to remember what happened last November when only one homeless person emptied his backpack in council chambers. For your own safety, you quickly vacated the council chambers until this person and his belongings were escorted out. 

Since we are told over and over that these people are harmless, then I guess it was just an unnecessary taxpayer expense for the added security you had installed in the council chambers after this incident. 
Taking all the negative headlines to do with drugs, needles, break-ins, robberies, in mind, you still feel that putting 52 of these people in our backyard, residential areas will enhance our lives?

Are you all robots? No conscience at all?

Jeri Truman, Kelowna

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