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Sex & City saved her life

Kristin Davis is crediting Sex and the City with saving her life.

The actress struggled with alcohol abuse in the past and didn't think she would live to see 30 years old, but after booking her role as Charlotte York on the TV series in 1998, she was determined to get sober.

"I don't think I would be alive," she tells the podcast Origins With James Andrew Miller. "I'm an addict. I'm a recovering alcoholic. If I hadn't found acting... acting is the only thing that made me want to ever get sober. I didn't have anything that was that important to me other than trying to dull my senses."

"I didn't think I would live to be 30," she continues. "I started drinking very young and luckily I quit very young, before any success happened, thank goodness. Because my love for acting was so big when I was very young, I had something that was more important to me than just drinking."

Davis, 53, starred alongside Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, and Kim Cattrall for six seasons until the show ended in 2004. She also appeared in two movie adaptations, and last year, she expressed hope that she and her co-stars would be able to reunite onscreen again, despite Cattrall's refusal to return to the franchise.

"I'm just grateful. I know my co-stars are grateful as well that we have the fan support, that we have each other, that we love each other," she explained to E! News. "We still... maybe we'll figure out something to do, I don't know, it would be great..."

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