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McCarthy's obsession

Melissa McCarthy gets a real thrill out of shopping for kitsch knick-knacks online.

The Bridesmaids star made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday night, where she stepped out in a black outfit which was matched with a quirky sequin waistcoat covered in cat motifs.

Host Jimmy quickly asked Melissa where she purchased the item and she shared that bought it from a lady based in Columbus, Ohio via the e-commerce website Etsy.

"I've got a bit of a problem with Etsy. At some point, Ben (Falcone), my husband - he's a very mellow, lovely guy - it's the only thing he's every really been like, 'That's probably enough.' Everyday it's like, 'Ohhhh, it's a box from Poland. And I have no idea (what's inside) and it's a brass bull."

Melissa went on to share that she has also recently purchased a number of umbrella stands and decanters.

However, she got a little worried about her shopping habits when she ordered a couple of rugs for her new house from overseas.

"I actually got a letter from Customs and they wanted to know what my involvement was with Morocco," the 48-year-old sighed. "We were moving into a house and I was just like (buying rugs online). And then eight rugs would show up and I was like, 'I don't remember that (order) at all.' I get like an Etsy blackout. But then I get it and I'm actually really delighted. It sounds like I'm a crazy hoarder - I'm not!"

During the interview, Melissa spoke about her new movie Can You Ever Forgive Me? too, which tells the story of real-life author Lee Israel and how she tries to revitalize her failing writing career by forging letters from deceased authors and playwrights.

Though the actress is perhaps best known for her comedic roles, she warned fans that her latest project is a drama and her character is a rather "caustic" figure.

"She was a prickly, difficult person... She had her cat - it was the only thing she loved and probably the only thing that loved her back," she mused.

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