Dyas ready to take a break

Madison Erhardt

Tom Dyas says he's happy how his campaign turned out, despite losing to incumbent Colin Basran in the race for mayor of Kelowna. 

"As we can see from the results, we were successful in obtaining around 30 per cent of the votes and about 10,000 people supported us," Dyas said Saturday night. 

Dyas was the leading challenger, and many thought it would be a closer race, Dyas included.

"Yes, I was a bit surprised by the numbers. Obviously, we were hoping we would win, that is why we were in this race.

"Whether I Iook at winning or losing this mayor's race, I wanted to bring things forward because what I had experienced was trying to address issues within this community, and they were falling upon deaf ears... maybe that will change," he said.

Dyas says he will need a breather to decide if he'll be back next time. 

"I'm going to head to Phoenix, maybe Palm Springs," he said, noting he stepped straight from the Memorial Cup bid into the election race.

"Those have not been short days, so what is next for me? A little bit of a breather."

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