Poll: Kelowna mayor's race

Voters across B.C. go the polls on Saturday in municipal elections.

Castanet is conducting three polls on the mayoralty races. Wednesday, the choices in Penticton, followed by Vernon in Thursday's poll, and Kelowna today.

Check out candidate info and bios for all the Okanagan municipalities on our candidate page.

And read all our election coverage on the Civic Election 2018 page.

Don't forget to vote, and good luck to all those who have put their names forward.

Previous Polls

November 28, 2023 - 10002 votes
Do you think Canada is in a recession?

Yes: 6143
No: 2884
Unsure: 975

November 27, 2023 - 10126 votes
Should B.C. Place be permanently renamed Christine Sinclair Place after the retiring Canadian soccer great?

Yes: 1239
No: 8406
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Yes: 4311
No: 4565
Unsure: 454

Previous Poll Results

Do you think Canada is in a recession?

Total Votes:  10005

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