Former roughneck replies

I probably should not reply to the letter about the oilpatch, but to be called a campy and unpatriotic is too much.

I began as roughneck in 1968 in Alberta. I went to Indonesia as a driller in 1974. I then transferred to Scotland in 1977. I worked as a driller, then night tool pusher and platform superintendent until 1996, with a short transfer to Abu Dhabi for 18 months.

My company then got the drilling contract for the Hibernia progect in Newfoudland. I spent two years supervising the installation of the the drilling equipment in 1998. I then spent eight years as a well site supervisor in Cuba until I retired.

The platforms in the North Sea in both the British and Norwegian sector produced millions of barrels of oil that was light and needed no chemicals to move.

The same goes for the Middle East and Asia.

Just because you don't want pollution, does not make you unpatriotic.

Don Lundblad

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