Shame on Cannings

I sent a letter to our NDP representative Richard Cannings, telling him how many people in Canada are upset that Terri-Lynne McClinitic kidnapped eight-year-old Tori Stafford and watched her boyfriend rape and then brutally, mortally wound her with a hammer to the head before burying her alive. 

This horrible crime is almost indescribable and would offend any sane Canadian.

Whoever decided McClinitic, a convicted murderer, be sent to a healing lodge (which did not want her either) should now be prepared for a backlash from all Canadians who understand this is not justice for the family and Tori Stafford.

This act is beyond 'healing' and would have been dealt with a death penalty in other countries.

To see Cannings stand and oppose sending her back to prison, where she belongs, is disgusting. 

Cannings is a yes man to the party and cannot stand up for what is right. I hope everyone will remember this when the time comes to renew his seat. 

This man is more suited to be pedalling around on his bicycle than standing up for innocents' rights.

Brenda and Dave Deverill, Osoyoos

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