Best choice for Westside?

I did some research on the two mayorality candidates for West Kelowna, and found a striking contrast in the information publicly available. 

Gord Milsom has a very strong website with several pages and a lot of professionally written details.

I quote his opening lines from it: “Gord’s hope for the future is a world where the following would be facts and not just dreams...”

Thereafter follows a list of nine basic things he wants to achieve.

Milsom does not outline on his website his involvement together with the past council and mayor, one of the key activists and spokesmen for the twice-defeated $24-million P3 partnership for a new civic centre.

Is he part of the establishment that created the grandiose, expensive, construction and planning projects?

Mary Mandarino, on the other hand, has little public platform information other than news items setting out a very simple platform.

I contacted her office and asked for her complete platform, and it was provided. It contained similar issues and failings of the present council as Milsom outlined and went on to say: “It is a big job building a city from scratch, so we need to be more sensible and less desirous.

“We need to focus on practical solutions for the people. We do not need pie-in-the-sky economic development with a new civic centre.” 

The two candidates (and some community groups) are saying past councils did not get the key issues right. 

Which mayoralty candidate is best suited to accomplish their lofty goals?

Will Milsom just continue to do the same old same old, or fight for real “well balanced change” (his sign motto)?

Mandarino is a less known commodity, but promises simple, sensible, practical focus on needs, not special interests and egotistical edifices. Can she deliver on this?

Doug Waines, West Kelowna

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