Knows who not to vote for

Three years ago, it became apparent the City of Kelowna had just wasted over $300,000 on the Dougall Road South traffic-calming project.

I sent four different emails to City Hall, addressed to the mayor and council. Not a response. Tried to contact the mayor, not a response.

I contacted Coun. Maxine DeHart, but it was more important she get her picture taken than look into a waste of taxpayers' money, so she passed the buck onto Coun. Brad Sieben. He did a token investigation, then found an excuse to duck the issue.

Over $300,000 wasted, and the traffic problem is now worse than ever.

Now, those three wonder why my vote will go to anybody but them. They have proven to me where their true interests lie, and it's certainly not with the best interests of the Kelowna taxpayer.

Jim Sutherland, Kelowna

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