So much for savings

The Canadian Press article "Boon for online shoppers" regarding the new USMCA trade deal was very misleading.

Although there may be some relief on duties/taxes on cross-border online sales to Canadians, don't expect to save much, if any, cash.

A while back, I was online to order a low-value (less than $50 ) item to our U.S. address, from the U.S. 

The shipping was to be U.S. Postal Service "small package" at $4.95.

Just for fun, I decided to change only the shipping address to our Kelowna one. Shock – the shipping changed to UPS Canada at over $50. 

That's how it works up here in so many cases. If there might be a "deal" available to save a Canadian some money, somewhere along the way, the government or some other Canadian entity will put their thumb on the scale to make sure they get theirs, and the customer gets screwed.

Canadians are so used to getting the shaft, they rarely even complain. They just keep quiet and pay up. Don't hold your breath waiting for the big savings.

Alan Sanderson, Kelowna

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