Liberal fear mongering

Re Andrew Wilkinson's speech to the Fort  St. John and District Chamber of Commerce:

Can you say “balderdash?” That's more polite that saying “lies.”

How can anyone take the leader of the BC Liberals seriously when he is guilty of such misinformation and distortion of the truth? This is the man would would lead our province? His morals and ethics are highly suspect.  Too bad we don't have hearings like they do in the U.S. He would be out the door within the first hour.

Example: Let's say the people of B.C. vote to change our electoral system. Andrew Wilkinson would deny the will of the people and force an election to annul the results. This is leadership material?

And then he tries to bleed off support for this referendum by stating that if the Liberals won the next election, he would reconvene the Citizen's Assembly. Would you trust this man to follow through with reform? Perhaps he would, and do what Gordon Campbell did, set the bar for acceptance so high that is was nearly impossible to reach.

Example: AW says “All three of the proportional representation options being put to B.C. voters would erode local representation in the legislature for Northern B.C. residents, due to the small proportion of the population living in The North.”  This is patently untrue and is guaranteed to contribute to the divisiveness that he claims would result from proportional representation. Voters in all areas will have the same degree of representation that they do now and, we would not have the Balkanization we do now, with large areas being represented by only one party.

Example: “We do not need British Columbia to fractionate out into these tiny parties, which is what will happen.”  Fear mongering! Look at the successful countries that use proportional representation. They are not torn apart by small parties. In the 2017 election, there were 17 small parties and independents. Together they received less than two per cent of the vote. And, I suppose he's quite happy, in the name of democracy, to deny the Green Party the share of seats (14) they deserve, with 17 per cent of the popular vote. What definition of democracy does Wilkinson subscribe to?

Daryl Sturdy, Vancouver

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