Sighting in lake

I was working on the 22nd floor of a new highrise condo in Kelowna. I am working from out of town so I was taking in the views at approx 9am Tuesday morning, I noticed that there are not many boats in the water on a weekday and how calm the water was. I saw something in the water today that is very hard for me to explain.

It looked like a giant snake breaching out of the water (barely) but enough to make pretty big waves in and around it. There were no boats in the area and the water was very very calm. I told my co-worker to look out at the water in the area in question and my co-worker was looking and seeing what I was seeing and was also dumbfounded. I still do not know exactly what it was, but after doing some research on the internet the possibility of something very large living in the very deep and extensive waterways of Lake Okanagan is very possible. This must of been approx. 30-50 feet long breaching out of the water for approx 2-3 minutes, I was going to grab my cell phone out of my pocket to get a picture or video of this disturbance in the water however by the time I got my phone out of my pocket it seemed to have descended and the waves almost instantly vanished and the water went calm.

It is very interesting that there was a sighting last week near Bear Creek Park when my encounter this morning was not far from there at all. Rough bearing from Google Maps is: 49°53'13.4"N 119°31'14.7"W. It was approx. 200-300 Meters from the shore and definitely worth investigating further. I have always had a hard time believing in something that I have never seen with my own eyes, but after my experience today, I honestly can say that there is something in these waters.

They find new species all over our planet everyday and much of our planet has not been fully explored. I wish someone could get some drone footage of this area to possibly get a glimpses and put all the speculators to rest. I am sure they wouldn't be swimming here if they knew what was underneath them, I am never going to swim in Lake Okanagan ever again!

Believe me or not it really does not matter, I know there is something down there. 

Martin Zed

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