Fireworks over fireworks

My blood is boiling!

I live in North Glenmore. At 9:15 p.m. Sunday, I heard booms outside our house. It was fireworks!

Looked like they were set off from the dry, grassy field at Union and Valley road.

I called 911, as this is a huge hazard in the Okanagan, especially with all the fires and being so dry. I was put through to three different people, and eventually was connected with the RCMP.

They told me it was an issue for the local bylaw officer. What the hell? I asked to be put through to bylaw, and the woman said she could not.

They eventually said there was a file for this complaint and that they would send someone out.

In the case of a fire or community problem, who do you call? What happens if I see people throwing a cigarette butt out the window into dry grass?

If this is the attitude of our 911 service or even local RCMP, then what hope do they have in the community keeping a watchful eye out?

I guess it's not hot or dry enough for the authorities to find it any major concern. What’s the worst that could happen?

Wesley Quist, Kelowna

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