Trail of broken promises

I have worked with a few Afghanistan veterans, one whom is missing a limb due to an IED.

Ask them how the reopening of the veterans offices and “planned” spending have bettered their sacrifices.

All feds have been rather poor to the vets, but to say that JT’s Liberals have improved anything is a falsehood.

Anyone can skew stats to shed a favorable light on their argument.

Whenever in a debate, why does the Liberal support team need to start throwing around the alt-right term? I encourage Liberal supporters to do some fact checking of their own. Conservative-minded citizens don’t lump the Libs as radical socialists or Antifa. All those terms have extremist connotations that are not needed in a discussion.

Agreed, the Creston incident was pre-political, and Trudeau issued an apology. The apology that was published in Creston Valley Advance stated: "I’m sorry. If I had known you were reporting for a national paper, I would have never been so forward." 

Surely everyone must see the complete hypocrisy of our endlessly virtue-signaling PM.

No government is perfect, that is fact. Let’s take a brief look at the Liberal trail of broken campaign promises and missteps.

  • NAFTA – Trying to appeal by taking on bad ‘ol Trump. The U.S. GDP is 12.2 times larger than ours. We will, however, not be pushed around – but at least be shrewd to what is unfolding.
  • Laughed out of China. Trade is trade, not preaching holier than thou rhetoric.
  • India? Say no more.
  • Carbon tax boondoggle, aka mother of all money grabs. Do some scientific research what our per cent contribution is globally and what actual difference we can make.
  • Coming after law-abiding firearms owners while ignoring the true root causes, and softening or eliminating sentences for criminal activity with Bill C-75. I urge everyone to research how the domestically sourced handgun numbers are derived (you’ll laugh). The restricted class of handgun ownership is some of the strictest licensing in force globally.
  • The current state of unregulated border crossings. Of course, immigration is a must and refugees also, but it must be done in an orderly process with an actual plan, not an open-ended tweet.
  • Tankering in Middle East oil while effectively crippling our domestic production capacities. The KM purchase is smoke and mirrors, it is destined to languish forever.

I won’t even touch the 200 broken campaign promises. Google is at everyone’s fingertips. No government is flawless, but this current crop sets new standards that I hope we will never see the likes of again.

Dirk Kohler

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