Kelowna needs transit cops

Why do we not have BC Transit Police in Kelowna?

On July 27, I rode the No. 97 bus from Banks Road to Richter Street in Kelowna.

Upon boarding the bus, I witnessed six young men openly drinking alcohol and swearing loudly at the rear of the bus. I notified the driver, and at Parkinson station he informed us we were to transfer to the bus ahead of us.

These same young idiots took a place in line and trying to reboard the bus, the driver attempted to block them. Of course, one of these idiots became aggressive. People were visibly frightened for the safety of the driver as well as for their own safety.

I approached this drunken idiot and told him to get off the bus now, or I would physically throw him off. I gave him a light push and he exited the bus.

What normally takes me about 20 minutes to get home wound up taking an hour, listening to a drunken idiot call out the driver.

This type of behaviour is becoming the norm on our Kelowna Transit system.

The drivers have camera systems in place, but no transit supervisors, and the RCMP hardly ever attend.

If the city wants higher ridership, it needs to increase the number of buses on the main routes during peak hours. Every day between 3 and 8 p.m. the No. 97 bus is packed. People in wheelchairs and other working people trying to simply get home or to work are left waiting at the bus stops while "Not In Service" transit vehicles go sailing by.

Wade Ireland

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