Downtown 'promised land'

Tom Dyas of the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce has shown how he cares for those less fortunate and in need in our community by requesting they be thrown out of their housing.

It's only logical that they assist in their relocation, and what better place than the new lakefront building that will sit mostly empty from September to next June?

How ironic. The city spends millions in grants, lower tax levies, and a lease, where the chamber doesn't actually pay anything. All to support local corporations. But it doesn't have funds available to assist our most vulnerable. 

And yet how does the chamber repay this gift? By asking for those less fortunate to be removed.

And let's not forget that by "moved" he means "out of sight," probably somewhere in Rutland. 

Rutland is that place where the City of Kelowna changes all kinds of zoning to get things built that wouldn't ever get built in the promised land downtown.

Ian Palmer

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