Waste of police resources

I am getting seriously tired of seeing local RCMP pick on motorists, specifically motorcyclists, just going about in traffic during this heat when we have a lot more serious issues in town.

Pulling over someone just because their turn signals may or may not be legal, giving them a ticket and a mandatory inspection (that one cannot dispute) while he is just trying to get home from work is a total waste of time, talent and resources.

I thought the RCMP are supposed to be protecting our community, but yet we have a serious problem downtown with transients, an opioid issue, needles littered everywhere, and rampant theft.

But wait – I forgot. You cannot make money off those people. Never mind the ones distributing opioids, shooting up in our parks and public spaces, and leaving needles everywhere. Or the people breaking into properties,  stealing bikes, cars, and goods.

Let's go after the people who are an easy target, too afraid to disobey a peace officer, and not wanting further punishment.

I have a lot of respect for the job, I wouldn't want it, and I have come across some great officers, but I have also run into a few who would give anyone a bad taste every time you see the red and blue behind you.

N. Craft

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