Fire hall flooded

Big White firefighters had their hands full with flooding for a few hours Monday morning. It appears a water main pipe broke uphill from the Big White Fire Department, causing water to come roaring down the hill and through the main floor of the fire hall.

Steve Heim, tells Castanet, "I live in Stonebridge and I could hear water rushing down the side of the mountain so I walked up to see what the situation was and I saw all this water running into the fire hall and they were trying to keep the water out so I helped do some sandbagging."  

Big White Deputy Chief, Chris Cormack, says a 12-inch water main burst just after 9:30 a.m. so they had to scramble to prevent the water from damaging the fire hall. "We had some water come into our bays where we park our trucks, we had to divert some of that water and now we are in the clean-up stage, there is no significant damage."

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