Clean up downtown

Just when is council going to start cleaning up the downtown area in Kelowna?

The recent stabbing at the Queensway bus depot has me really worried for the safety of my son, who uses the transit system to the Queensway bus depot to get to and from his place of employment.

He has a disability, and using the bus is his only means of getting downtown to work.

The recent reports and letters regarding the state of the downtown area are apparently a real concern for a lot of Kelowna residents.

I fear for his safety and the safety for the many other people who have to use the transit system in the downtown area.

Heaven forbid that some innocent person does not fall victim to foul play before the mayor or someone else at City Hall wakes up and decides to actually earn their salaries by making the downtown area safe for all residents.

Henning Jacobsen, Kelowna

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