Know where your kids are?

Recently, at 2:20 a.m., there was the sound of broken glass and a girl screaming on Gordon Drive in the Mission.

I went outside to see three teenage kids 14 to 17 (two boys and one girl) running away from Dorothea Walker Elementary. One of the kids stopped in my driveway, bending over.

I yelled at them from my front window. They had just smashed the window on the front door of the school.

Traffic would have seen these twerps. Any idea where they were scurrying to?

On the morning of June 5, a lot of vehicles, including ours, were broken into.

My daughters’ gold necklace I gave her for Christmas, drivers licence, granddaughter’s unique mp3 player were all taken.

Police said they were overwhelmed with calls of similar instances in the area.

Its going to be a matter of time before they are caught. These hoodlums seem to frequent this stretch of road.

I encourage other residents to take a good look at their kids.

We don’t need this kind of garbage going on in our area. Everyone needs to keep eyes and ears open. Any crime you see, report it.

John Wright, Kelowna

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