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Meyers' wife apologizes

Irish actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers is "extremely sorry" for any inconvenience caused following a domestic dispute onboard a weekend flight to Los Angeles, according to his wife.

The Mission: Impossible III star had been traveling with his spouse Mara Lane, and their one-and-a-half-year-old son Wolf on an American Airlines plane from Miami, Florida on Sunday, when the couple reportedly became engaged in a heated argument.

Sources told TMZ, Meyers was allegedly intoxicated and yelled expletives at Mara, before heading to the bathroom to smoke an electronic cigarette, which is against federal law.

He was instructed to stop using the device by a flight attendant and complied, but when they landed at Los Angeles International Airport, police officers were waiting for him.

He was detained for questioning, but was subsequently released after officers "determined no crime was committed", according to Airport Police Public Information Officer Rob Pedregon.

Mara has since taken to social media to clarify reports of the incident, while also revealing that the family had been traveling back from South America, where Meyers, who relapsed in his long battle with alcohol addiction last year, was seeking help "holistically" for "anger issues that result in these kinds of episodes".

"When in it... he is not in a frame of mind where he can really even comprehend the repercussions and necessary response to his own actions," she explained in a lengthy Instagram post on Monday.

Mara went on to insist her husband was apologetic for his disruptive behavior in-flight: "J IS extremely sorry for any inconveniences caused to anyone traveling yesterday," she continued. "There was no argument, just me asking him to not use his e cig per stewardess' request to me and him not being himself, speaking very very unkindly. It was out of his character."

She confessed she was unaware of "anything that happened" on the plane journey, because she had been taking care of their son "with a privacy wall up", but claims Meyers is remorseful for his actions.

"We are home safe and he is feeling deeply sorry for any remote disrespect afforded to me, attendants, onlookers or officers," she added. "Thank you for your compassion on this ongoing battle with addiction we are in."

The actor himself has yet to directly comment on his airport detention, but Mara previously used Instagram to tell fans he had experienced a setback in his sobriety in 2017, when she suffered a miscarriage while pregnant with a little girl.

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