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Re: Mark Strahl's letter Paying More Under Trudeau

Without wallowing too much in the mud and pointing to the dismal economic, social and environmental record of your administration, which saw the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and left everyone in the recession of 2015, if we fast-forward to 2018 you will see:

In only two years this young Liberal government has dragged Canada's economy up by its bootstraps and out of the recession of 2015 to lead the G-7 in economic growth. Lowest unemployment in 42 years, 2017 was the best Canadian tourism year ever, smashing the 2002 record by 500,000 visitors. Also:

  • The new tax-free child benefit (the largest social announcement since public healthcare)
  • Canada now has a new healthcare accord with the provinces (four years without one under the Cons)
  • Implementing (as we chat) a new $500 million national pharmacare program to help Canadians
  • A program to help Canada's vulnerable single seniors with the potential for a $950 per month top up
  • Restored funding for women's shelters
  • Reopened and re-staffed the nine VA offices plus one additional office to help with the residual back-up
  • Restored the VA lifetime pension option
  • Allocated $10 billion for new VA spending
  • A new program to help the provinces with homeless
  • A new program to help with the provinces' fentanyl crisis
  • Lowered the retirement age to 65
  • A working poor subsidy to help those on assistance transition into the workforce helping them and businesses
  • Reopened the English Bay coastguard station
  • $1 billion to protect our oceans
  • Increased the taxes a little bit on the wealthiest one per cent and closed their beloved loopholes
  • Ungagged scientists and wrote it into their labour contracts
  • Lowered taxes for middle class
  • Lower taxes for most (97 per cent) small businesses
  • Canada's debt when compared to our income (GDP) $2 trillion is on track to a 40-year low
  • Legalized marijuana (depriving organized crime of billions)

Infrastructure is revitalizing our nation, and Canada is strengthening all economic sectors in preparation for the collapse or redo of NAFTA. 

This new Canadian Liberal government isn’t a “party of one,” but of great people, appointing the great people from all parties, to accomplish the great things that are being done for the great people of Canada.

William Rice, Kelowna

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