Hot dog water goes global

The Vancouver performance artist behind the not-so-miraculous "Hot Dog Water" is finding himself facing media requests from around the globe.

Douglas Bevans created the social experiment, which involved selling bottled hot dogs in water with bogus health benefits printed on the side for $37.99 each at a recent Vancouver street festival, to see how gullible people could be. 

Astoundingly, he sold about 60 litres of the stuff, and the story went viral fast. Now, he's being contacted by media from around the world. 

"I thought there might be some media locally, but this whole experience has just been overwhelming for me,” Bevans said.

He hopes that people will think more critically about hyped-up products after seeing the results of his experiment.

"I think [Bevans] is trying to point out that consumers are falling for claims made on labels without considering the nutritional facts or ingredients. And you really can’t blame them,” said BCIT marketing instructor Tracey Renzullo.

“With all the information out there, it’s confusing to decipher what’s good or what’s bad for us. So as a result, we take the easy route and believe the benefit promised to us.”

Bevans considers the experiment a success.

"The next time you are in the grocery aisle, and you've got some fancy sounding, sciencey-blingy product, take a moment to reflect,” he said. “And ask yourself, is this hot dog water?"

-with files from CTV Vancouver

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