Horoscope: June 24-30


Those seeking clarity of direction may need to make written notes to compare the pros and cons before taking a position.

If the results make you feel settled, then push forward on your decision. It may require a move of home or office if that works for the end game.

Make these adjustments in a cost-effective manner; no need to get everything new. Lighten the load.

Renovations are practical and pleasing. Harness emotions under the full moon midweek. Rest properly or pause overexertion; health status is important. Any concerns should be analyzed properly by the right authority.

Words are a trigger or switch, so weigh them carefully. Seek a change of scenery. Cool off.

ARIES: Point of no return is reached with your position, status or reputation. Choices will affect your future. 

TAURUS: Step out of your comfort zone. Stalemates made or actions taken affect home or personal matters. 

GEMINI: Reach an agreement or some sort of balance regarding finances or assets. Consider alternatives.

CANCER: The full moon places an emotional focus on relationships. Discussions escalate. Make choices.

LEO: Pay close attention to all communications, so you don’t miss anything. Check out all you other options. 

VIRGO: Seek quiet time or seclusion. Visit interesting or inspirational places. Contemplate future ambitions. 

LIBRA: Confer with those having the power to pull strings for you; they want to become more involved now. 

SCORPIO: A change of loyalties can thrust you into the spotlight, ready or not. Dress to fit the situation.

SAGITTARIUS: Stick to tried-and-true patterns when dealing with finances or assets connected to others.

CAPRICORN: Be the strong, stable one while others seem scattered or discombobulated. Complete info.

AQUARIUS: Measure your efforts or work to give yourself enough down time. Be adaptable to changes.

PISCES: Haul in free-wheeling activities to appease those who are more conventional in their behaviour.

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