Trump trolls talking

OK, here is the truth: I am a Christian and a Conservative (both with big Cs)

There, I said it. 

The Trump trolls were out in force last week responding to my column, adding comments about my communist, left-wing agenda. 

Perhaps they had not read my bio or done any research, but a blind dog with a note in his mouth could probably figure out that I have voted conservative my whole life.

I am a free-enterpriser at heart and I go to church.

At least, now the comments can be focused on the subject at hand.

For all of the brilliant Trump Troll Economic Graduates who were also out in force last week explaining that none of us had any clue about how positively impactful Trump’s isolationist policies will be for the U.S. economy, take a look again.

This week, the U.S. stock markets have experienced a global reaction to protectionist measures that will stall growth.

Those measures have already stripped trillions off the value of the U.S. markets and will continue to do so for a long time yet I believe.

The problem for the U.S. is, I believe, it is only the start. The markets have been buoyantly optimistic and frankly overly optimistic for a long time.

A correction is overdue, inflation is overdue and if you compound that with thoughtlessly implemented trade barriers based on tit for tat sandpit squabbles, then the U.S. has a problem. 

In general, it is difficult to sustain any leadership role when:

  • You are a self confessed liar
  • You air your dirty laundry on social media
  • You grab women by the ‘P*&&$”
  • You are a self-confessed rapist “see 3 above”
  • Many of your close and loyal allies are in jail, facing jail or about to go to court to see if  they should be in jail.
  • You (allegedly) cheat on your wife.
  • You separate children from mums and confess it is only a negotiating tactic (leverage)
  • In the end, you simply become “collateral damage.”

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