Heed street signs

I find it very interesting how many drivers do not heed road signs.

Driving along clement Ave towards Glenmore, there is an intersection at Spall/Glenmore with 2 lanes turning right on to Spall & 1 lane turning left on to Glenmore. There is also 3 signs that prohibit a right hand turn on the red light, due to the angle of the roadway and pedestrian traffic. I have witnessed many times, the driver in the far right lane turning right on the red light and a lot of times, not making a full stop. The angle of that corner prohibits a full view of the traffic coming along Glenmore, but it still does not stop the driver from continuing on,  most times will arrive at the next light at the same time as me.

One day, there will be a terrible accident at that corner due to this negligence. That is a very busy corner to start with, lets not make it an accident zone. Pay attention drivers, to the 3 signs that are telling you that there is no right turn on a red.

Terry Sullivan

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