It is so sad that Kelowna and the central Okanagan is now home for money. We have been here for 35 years and now even we, as seniors, truly understand how we lose even through our students a cornerstone to our growth. We now are known as the "brokanagan". We need "boots on the ground" for our future.

Those who made the Okanagan a destination for their future now know how dollar driven we are. From the students and their families supporting their education to the many who work several jobs to do that and trying to afford rent, buying a home now out of vision to the many of our seniors who are giving up and moving in with their kids is embarrassing. The "brokanogan" is sadly not a serenity choice any longer, it is now an investment choice. The dollar bill has no conscience and all we seem to be able to do for our kids, our students who choose to come here for their education and the struggling middle class is to play the lotto Trump game.

Stress versus serenity is the reality of many, many good people where even a hug can now cost you money. Climate change wears many faces, sad.

Joel Rickard

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