Potholes driving her mad

I live in East Kelowna and have used the City of Kelowna's "request a service" online tool to report multiple potholes on Senger Road.

I submitted my request May 4, and a month later, there was still no repair crew to fix the road.

It is a short road, but 65 per cent of the first block is covered in many, many potholes.

You can't even switch to the other side of the road to avoid them.

I find it abysmal that the city will not fix it.

I have to make multiple requests each year, as this stretch of road falls apart every winter and rarely gets patched.

I do know they repaved this stretch several years ago, but I believe it was around the same time they had that stretch up by the Big White turnoff crumble after one winter.

Granted, we are a small group of people who travel this road, but we pay our fair share of city taxes like anyone else.

In late March-early April, a crew did come by during one of the melts, but they only filled in a few holes and left the majority of the rest to get bigger, leading to my current frustration.

Annie Schwarz

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