Cetacean ban coming?

A new study from the Angus Reid Institute seems to indicate Canadians are increasingly concerned about cetaceans in captivity.

The study indicates Canadians are more than twice as likely to say mammals should be banned from captivity in Canadian aquariums than to say that this practice should be allowed.

According to the study, Canadians still see value in the work that zoos and aquariums perform. Almost all of those polled show appreciation for the role that facilities play in rehabilitation and wildlife conservation and six-in-ten say that having a zoo or aquarium close by makes a community a better place to live.

But the future of zoos and aquariums in North America has come into question in recent years.

There are now two proposed laws to reduce or outright ban cetaceans in captivity, both in the House of Commons and Senate, which appear to reflect the state of public opinion.

Some have called it the “Blackfish” effect – citing the impact of a popular documentary about the problematic nature of housing intelligent aquatic animals at SeaWorld. SeaWorld Entertainment’s stock plummeted after the film aired on CNN, and has never recovered to pre-Blackfish levels.

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