Water rates set to soar

It's too bad that with all the "extra" water running through the Okanagan the last couple of years, West Kelowna council hasn't figured out a way to save or sell it. 

Instead, they have decided to "tinker" with the five municipal water systems on the Westside in the name of progress and plan to raise water rates for everyone on the Westside (even those with a smoothly functioning area system, such as Sunnyside).

We and others are now paying $57 per quarter, or $228 per year for our local water system. The actual usage per household is calculated by meter and is added to that rate: It only amounts to $5-$10 per month for water used.

Now, with a few dollars in the bank, West Kelowna council has decided to "improve" water quality on the Westside with a couple of major water projects in the works.

They now project our water bills in five years to run about $900-plus per year – only a 275 per cent increase. 

Our local water was just fine by any normal standard.

Time to turf these elected officials out in favour of some who will watch the pocketbook and not spend money they don't have, like drunken sailors.

Alan Sanderson, West Kelowna

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