Veterans on merry-go-round

A veteran who helped to establish better policies for us veterans was subsequently dismissed for his actions.  

After reading his article, paraphrased below, it is clear there was sufficient research conducted by one government, then shut down by another government, and then an attempt by the Liberals to reinvent the wheel in an attempt to make them look good.  

MP Steve Fuhr is a veteran and surely must be privy to what government is doing, snowing all citizens of Canada. This is sad and needs to be corrected.

Despite the Veterans' Affairs policy of relying on the research of other countries, they established a centre of excellence for PTSD at Ste. Anne’s Hospital in the early 2000s.

Beds were available for in-patient assessment, a team of psychologists engaged for ongoing treatment. The centre built on and collaborated with the Canadian Armed Forces' previously established centre and partnered with a civilian research hospital.

Prior to setting up the centre at Ste. Anne’s, VAC sought the advice of Australian, British and U.S. PTSD centres. They offered to assist with their best practices to help avoid recreating the wheel.

Sadly, the government (regardless of party) killed the VAC centre of excellence during the last administration and is now attempting (regardless of party) to take credit for introducing the same program as a new one. The bottom line is government plays partisan politics at times, while working together when it suits them to keep disabled veterans care and treatment on a merry-go-round.

What is missing in the equation is veterans working together to hold government’s feet to the fire to consistently provide the best programs and services the country has to offer. That is their promise.

As the quote goes: those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it. Shouldn’t government want to build on what’s been successful in the past as a way forward, rather than trying to recreate the wheel?

Dale Dirks

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