Bad drivers young and old

Re: More insight on bad driving

You missed a few things in your angry diatribe. 

First of all, let me tell you about your comment on the 90 year olds. These people are not short, nor are they bad drivers because they are old. They were always short, and they were always bad drivers! 

Apparently, they did pass the mandatory physical given every two years. I know good waterskiers, horse riders, writers, artists, etc. in their nineties. They were always good, and they still are. 

It left me speechless when my mother-in-law was given a driver's licence when in her forties she was so short she had to look through the steering wheel to see. She couldn't see over the hood of her car. Why did they not insist that she sit on a pillow or have her seat raised to have reasonable visibility? 

My husband had a severe head injury in his forties. I was told at the hospital that when he applied to renew his licence, he must tell them about the injury. I went with him to renew. I reminded him to tell them about his head injury – they ignored him. They requested the funds due and renewed his licence. I was stunned.

The statistics show the majority of accidents are in the younger age groups. Be aware: bad drivers – irresponsible drivers – are found in all age brackets.

Martha Crawford Cantarini

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