Golf course fighting creek

Alanna Kelly

UPDATE: 2:45 p.m.

Shadow Ridge Golf Club staff and the BC Wildfire Service have been working all weekend to keep rising water from Mill Creek away from the course.

President Tom Monaghan said things are much better than they were this time, last year.

“We are pretty positive about it compared to last year,” he said. “Last year, where I am standing we would have been up to my waist.”

The golf course staff first started noticing the water rising on April 28 and since then it has been rising steadily.

“We didn’t expect that there would be two years in a row of this because last year was such a catastrophic year,” said Monaghan.

Much of the water has spilled just into the parking lot. 

“We are pumping it out so it's looking pretty good right now,” said Monaghan.

Flood preparation work done by the Kelowna International Airport and the City of Kelowna has helped control the water.

Monaghan said creeks around the course rise every night at about midnight and break over a little bit, but they are able to pump the water away.

“I think we are probably going to be closed tomorrow” he said.

Golf staff are taking the opportunity to do some aeration on the greens during this time.

Monaghan is optimistic the course will be open on Tuesday.

Shadow Ridge Golf Club has been forced to temporarily close this weekend due to Mill Creek spilling its banks.

“Due to rising waters and regional creeks we will be temporarily closed May 5 and 6,” states the club house.

BC Wildfire Fighters are headed to the location to help install barriers.

Club superintendent Rick Martin said they are going full tilt to protect the golf course. 

"Rest assured our team is up for the challenge," he said. "Special thanks to all that are helping."

The golf course also had to close last year after it was under water and was able to re-open on May 26.

“We feel confident that once barriers are in place we’ll have golfers back on the course May 7,” according to the course.

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