Misinformation, deception

The current stand against pipelines and Alberta Diluted Bitumen is founded on misinformation and deception about the governments position on protecting the environment.

Per the Victoria Times Colonist in 50 years there have been no tanker spills. In that same time there have been numerous spills by barges transporting petroleum products along the inside passage, tug boats, fishing boats, abandoned freighters and yachts capsizing spilling hundreds of thousands to a few thousand litres of oil on BC’s coast. There have been many rail and transport truck accidents spilling crude oil or petroleum products into waterways; another “Lac-Megantic” rail, or “Mount Polly Mine” disaster, is far more likely than a tanker incident. This is a real problem not fixed by this or any government. Clean up this mess before conjecturing on what “might” happen with a tanker!

An even worse environmental disaster is the BC record on spillage of raw sewage and tailing ponds waste into our waterways and oceans. According to Global News research there have been 45 billion litres of raw sewage dumped in our waterways containing every contaminant known to man. Most troubling are the micro plastics which are killing fish and all those up the food chain. The shellfish along our coasts are poisoned by the human and animal waste dumped every day. This is another environmental failure needing immediate attention.

Stop wasting time and money killing a pipeline to placate the Greens and vocal, foreign funded, environmental eco terrorists, and their shadowy backers.

Yes there were concerns about this pipeline; but through the process 146,000 questions were asked to address the issues raised by all involved. In the end licences were granted that set the highest standards and many conditions applied. Some protesters were not happy with the answers but then some protesters will not accept the rule of law and the processes that approved this or any project simply because like the flat earth believers, they believe they are right and neither science nor logic will change their view. The majority of BC residents have understood and accepted the lengthy, legal process and result.

Mr Horgan & Mr Weaver fix the environmental issues in your jurisdiction; stop wasting millions on killing the Canadian economy and a pipeline within Federal jurisdiction; stop the ideological political games to stay in power. Drop the objection to the Kinder Morgan pipeline today; it is in the interests of BC, Alberta and all Canadians from coast to coast to coast.

Doug Waines

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