What about dash cams

Since we seem to be unable to live without electronic gadgets, why not add one more to the collection? This one however will be helpful and not distracting at all, can save you money, can help you in many ways and is relatively cheap. I am talking about Dash-cams.

If there would be one in every vehicle on the road, the benefits are undeniable. You get pulled over for running a red light or not stopping at a stop sign, or speeding or whatever, even an accident or a mishap, there would be instant proof who is right and who is wrong. If you're wrong, you can watch the video with the cop and there is no arguing about anything. If a cop tells you that you run a red light and you think you did not, again, instant proof who is right. In case you are, there is no ticket to fight. In case of an accident, same thing. There are at least two videos that can't be wrong, no matter what the drivers have to say because each video has at least 10 minutes of recording stored. No more he said - she said. No more needs to go to court and loose, no more need to pay a lawyer. Insurance companies could settle cases in no time. There are no more reasons why a road needs to be closed for half a day because of a crash and yes, if you are at fault, there are no more if's, but's and when's. All the cops have to do is collect the two memory cards and the problem is solved on the same day.

After seeing those horrific pictures from that bus crash in Saskatchewan and the aftermath that will follow, according to the RCMP, it will take a long time to figure out exactly what happened. If there are two videos, it could almost be solved at the scene. It will not help the families that lost a member, however, it won't take forever to get answers.

Now this could be something that Insurance companies could think about and possibly even governments. They have done it before with seatbelts, airbags, daytime driving lights that have to be installed right at the factory. Installing a dash cam at the same time could most likely be done for about $15.00. There could be one company or two that supplies the whole industry. It's something to think about.

Roger von Dach

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