Election just around corner

Contemplating the next federal election should put most people into a severe state of mental agony, as the three main political parties are in various stages of political paralysis.

Trudeau has stated publicly that the Kinder Morgan pipeline will be built, but Kinder Morgan is sick and tired of fighting foreign-funded eco-terrorism and has finally decided that unless all impediments have been removed by the end of May, the project will be put on ice. Combine that with his refusal to become directly involved in a jurisdictional dispute, because he is afraid of losing a few Liberals MPs in BC is not an acceptable strategy.  The end result could easily translate into another ten years without adequate pipelines to deliver our oil and gas to local and global customers, losing as much as 30 billion dollars every year in direct and indirect economic benefits. 

For eight long years Harper failed to develop and adopt a national energy policy, that could have included those desperately needed pipelines, he was too busy sterilizing our democratic institutions. The Conservative party now has a new leader, but the party has no clear vision or commitment on energy, hiding behind that ‘we believe that when there is an independent, science-based, objective analysis’ smoke screen. The only issue he is certain of is that he does not want any kind of Proportional style government, while the majority of Canadians in a very inclusive national campaign have clearly indicated they want to replace that dysfunctional and confrontational colonial electoral system and have fair and inclusive consensus-based democratic governments.

The NDP also has a new leader, who still has no seat as a Member of the federal Parliament, where he should be leading the debates for the Party. Like Trudeau and his pre-occupation with identity politics, he seems to be more concerned with offshore issues, like the Sikh separatist activities in India.

The time is long overdue to decide which role, if any, people want to play in our next Parliament, because the next federal election is just around the corner.

Andy Thomsen


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