Horoscope: April 15-21


Mercury resumes forward motion allowing things to get going again. Advance to the next or final stage.

We also have the new moon helping out with a fresh start in the maverick sign of Aries that likes action.

Make good use of all the spring energy. Be careful not to push or rush those who are not ready.

Excitement can cause some to ignore the costs or practicalities of what they want. Seek outside funding if this becomes necessary.

Relationships grow under this energy as well; some take the plunge or make the call.

Choices can be life changing, so weigh the odds. Have a way out or a back-up plan for any risks taken. Be security conscious on more than one level.

ARIES: The new moon in your sign makes you the natural pick to be the front-runner or motivator for all.

TAURUS: Timing is very important as you chomp at the bit. Distant connections should be included now.

GEMINI: What you have to offer and who wants it is up for review. Seek out some influential support.

CANCER: New or renewed opportunities bring added focus to your career, status or position. Be strong.

LEO: You receive extra praise that could lead to other perks or rewards. You have options to advance.

VIRGO: Negotiations move ahead in ways you can accept. Expenses can be worked out for everyone.

LIBRA: Relationships of all types develop easily now. The conditions or circumstances need juggling.

SCORPIO: Work within your comfort zone and your ambitious goals will see some worthwhile gains.

SAGITTARIUS: Your job performance works like a lucky charm in what you get back. You’re worth it. 

CAPRICORN: You show your strength in a calm, quiet way like a suit of armour. Others fall into line. 

AQUARIUS: Your in-depth research or investigations bring results. A different approach was right one. 

PISCES: Soft peddle your words with those who follow a hard line or have control over circumstances.

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