Horoscope: April 22-28


Some feel frozen in their tracks as the week begins.

There is a tidal shift in the air; regroup as fast as you can. Evaluate what you want compared to what is available and balance it out.

Check out new opportunities, relationships or investments even if they will be short term.

Take a time out if you feel the need for it. Break ties that bind or otherwise limit your movement. Take a drive or travel to look at other venues or locations that would be more suitable.

Endurance mentally or physically can give you the edge in any competition. Silence is golden until you have all the facts. Controllers act up or show their true colours. Prepare for actions you will take about that. 

ARIES: Draw a line in the sand or step away from a position. This happens by choice or not. Follow protocol.

TAURUS: Serious matters need your attention. If you can’t take care of this in person pick a replacement.

GEMINI: Showdowns are more of a power struggle between strong willed individuals. Those respected win.

CANCER: Personal or business relationships reach a point where issues need to be dealt with. Have help.

LEO: Those who gossip or back stab are actually doing you a favour as their true intentions come to light. 

VIRGO: You have some luck from hidden or unusual sources. Tricky navigation will help you make gains.

LIBRA: Changes connected to residence or base of operations are timely for you or others. Get organized. 

SCORPIO: What you say or the evidence you present can be the final straw breaking a deadlock or sorts.

SAGITTARIUS: Take care of formal or legal matters. Get official input if it will help to speed things up now.

CAPRICORN: Actions speak louder than words when dealing with others who may be unsure of positions.

AQUARIUS: Pull rank behind the scenes or work with powerful individuals for a common goal. It matters.

PISCES: A need to resurrect the past or deal with something thought dead will connect to present events.


Horoscope: April 15-21


Mercury resumes forward motion allowing things to get going again. Advance to the next or final stage.

We also have the new moon helping out with a fresh start in the maverick sign of Aries that likes action.

Make good use of all the spring energy. Be careful not to push or rush those who are not ready.

Excitement can cause some to ignore the costs or practicalities of what they want. Seek outside funding if this becomes necessary.

Relationships grow under this energy as well; some take the plunge or make the call.

Choices can be life changing, so weigh the odds. Have a way out or a back-up plan for any risks taken. Be security conscious on more than one level.

ARIES: The new moon in your sign makes you the natural pick to be the front-runner or motivator for all.

TAURUS: Timing is very important as you chomp at the bit. Distant connections should be included now.

GEMINI: What you have to offer and who wants it is up for review. Seek out some influential support.

CANCER: New or renewed opportunities bring added focus to your career, status or position. Be strong.

LEO: You receive extra praise that could lead to other perks or rewards. You have options to advance.

VIRGO: Negotiations move ahead in ways you can accept. Expenses can be worked out for everyone.

LIBRA: Relationships of all types develop easily now. The conditions or circumstances need juggling.

SCORPIO: Work within your comfort zone and your ambitious goals will see some worthwhile gains.

SAGITTARIUS: Your job performance works like a lucky charm in what you get back. You’re worth it. 

CAPRICORN: You show your strength in a calm, quiet way like a suit of armour. Others fall into line. 

AQUARIUS: Your in-depth research or investigations bring results. A different approach was right one. 

PISCES: Soft peddle your words with those who follow a hard line or have control over circumstances.

Horoscope: April 8-14


Some are letting their own agenda and opinions shade the truth, so be patient and dig for the facts. It all comes out in the wash eventually.

Avoid scattering your forces while on the hunt. Emotional stubbornness can be an issue in competitions for positions. Step away if it gets too heated until this settles down.

There are issues over real worth and it needs to be spelled out clearly.

Certain egos require a different platform and should seek it out. Personal relationships deepen so spend quality time together; make a passionate connection. Discuss mutual interests that could lead to travel plans.

Check out romantic places. Friday the 13th is lucky, so make choices then.

ARIES: Contain your surprise if attention is focused on you unexpectedly. Reputation or status will benefit.

TAURUS: Take care of matters behind the scenes for yourself or others. Special arrangements needed.

GEMINI: Brainstorm with those in positions of influence, as you may need their input or funds to back you.

CANCER: Your position will be influenced by the level of negotiations required to reach a settlement now.

LEO: Your knowledge or ability is worth more than you think. Consolidate this for a presentation of sorts.

VIRGO: Rely more on the strength of relationships above material possessions. It will be more enduring.

LIBRA: The push is on for choices to be made. This could extend to residence or location changes. 

SCORPIO: A shift of positions could see some at odds with where they think they should be. Be patient.

SAGITTARIUS: Stay focused and plow through obstacles or delays. Put off negotiations until later date.

CAPRICORN: You can be out there more than usual. Others have been waiting to see what you will do.

AQUARIUS: Pay attention to what needs to be done ahead of other plans or events. Receive company.

PISCES: There is a delicate balance between who owes who or how much. Keep all wagers friendly.


Horoscope: April 1-7


Put some shine on plans or presentations as long as it’s kept in realistic boundaries.

Many are counting on the end results. Some banter may be just ego games; this will pass.

An increased agenda is ambitious regarding what is expected and the responsibilities attached; be willing to take them on.

Concentrated determination moves things along so be organized. Certain matters reach conclusion. Focus on security now or later.

Take control. Avoid mishaps or accidents midweek. Calm emotions and take extra time if needed. Faith will lift your spirits. Facing reality allows choices to be made even if it’s not what you wanted.

Get together socially to ease uncertainty. Unite in trust.

ARIES: Use your leadership talents to be the speaker or presenter. You can bring objectors on side now.

TAURUS: Discuss most matters in private or secluded settings. There are special arrangements to make.

GEMINI: Get down to basics when it comes to joint finances or assets. Others will need to get involved.

CANCER: Pull rank or demonstrate your special skills as there is a need to impress others to get support.

LEO: Carve out some time for yourself. You may have to shift schedules or duties to those more pressing.

VIRGO: Be patient with those who have some influence or control in your situation. It’s partly a time thing.

LIBRA: Issues around home or circumstances are at a point of choice affecting you or others. Evaluate.

SCORPIO: Clarify any misunderstandings so others see where you really stand or are willing to connect.

SAGITTARIUS: Steady effort will pay off in the long run. Work along a tried-and-true path toward gains.

CAPRICORN: Organization is the key to getting things done or to the next stage. Others are with you.

AQUARIUS: Pull strings behind the scenes; this allows you to gain an advantage where needed.

PISCES: Wheel and deal with those in the position to get what you want or add some more leverage.

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