Are you freshet savvy?

As communities across the Okanagan keep a close eye on river and lake levels, B.C.'s Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure want to remind all of us what a freshet is.
"What is a Freshet? Hint: It’s Not an Air Freshener."-TranBC

Everyone who has done any driving in the valley in the spring will have seen the snow melt that typically occurs from April to July, in B.C., otherwise known as freshet.

Freshet causes problems when winter snow packs melt rapidly, overwhelming stream channels and creating flooding and causing damage to roadways and infrastructure.

Spring runoff can cause soil and rock to shift and destabilize, causing mudslides, landslides and rock slides.

The Ministries of Environment and Transportation and Infrastructure, Emergency Management BC and other provincial government agencies are working with local authorities to activate their flooding plans, manage the situation to minimize disruption and provide critical services while ensuring public safety.

"We will also continue to maintain roads by responding to floods, and advise the public of any affected routes or detours."-TranBC

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