Watch your water use: City

The City of Penticton has asked residents to watch their water use at home during the connection of a new water supply pipe, starting next week.

Though they do not anticipate any disruptions to services, they are urging residents to be conservative.

"It is important that residents be mindful of unnecessary water usage during this period so that the city can continue to supply domestic water for household use, business use and firefighting purposes," said design supervisor Tyler Figgit.

"The city asks that you limit your water consumption only to what is necessary for household or business purposes."

That means no irrigation systems, filling swimming pools or washing vehicles, exteriors of houses, driveways or decks.

Commercial water usages, such as car washes, are exempt. 

The advisory will be in effect for the period of March 26 to 29 and again April 2 to 6. Residents with questions can call the city at 250-490-2522.

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