Deserve this government?

There is not a single day I would not find a reason to write a letter. I would write letters to individual politicians, but I found out that they either don't reach that person or that person is so high on his/her horse that an answer would be a waste of time to them. I have sent letters to the Mayor of Kelowna, to some MP's in this Province, to the Premier of this Province with absolutely no results.

I would like to remind all of them (and that includes every single person that gets a paycheque from taxpayers) to be on the lookout, because there will be a day when taxpayers across the country had it. If they don't get it, or if it is too complicated for them to understand (and I don't have any doubts about some) here is the simple version: You need us more than we need you!  We are the ones that hired you at one time, therefore we are also the ones that can fire you.

Is there anybody out there that watches what is going on in the senate? My daily dose overflows in less than 5 minutes and we are supposed to live with the garbage that is produced in that room? There are close to 300 "people" in that room and none of them has the decency to keep his/her mouth quiet while somebody is talking, the whole thing is on the level of Kindergarten kids.

Okay, I have to stop now, before I say or write what I really would like to say. If anybody needs proof, there are plenty of articles on the internet.

Roger von Dach

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