Gas price jumps

I would like to know why the media does not bring the government or the oil companies to task for the sudden rise in gas prices at the pumps. The price per liter rise is getting bigger and bigger with each rise that happens.

Excuses are lame to say the least, people blame the problem on a glitch in Chicago, but it doesn't seem to have any effect on prices in the USA. I was just in Biloxi Mi last month and their prices haven't changed more than 2 or 3 cent's a gallon, same in Yuma Az. Our's goes up 10 cents a litre which is 45 cents a gallon in one jump. Even with the exchange rate, it tops out at 82 cents a litre Canadian.

We are getting royally ripped off and most everyone just accepts it. The government is "salivating" with the increased revenue and won't say a word and the media is not helping our cause either. Nobody is going to bat for us. It is especially hard on us seniors.

Why is it the media or our MLA's never mention collusion or price fixing when the prices all go up at once and come down at once (very slowly)? We are at the mercy of "big oil" and can't do a thing about it. I firmly believe the government and the media can't stand up to them. Please tell me I'm wrong.

Robert Harris

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