Hate and hatespeech

Those are two words we hear and read about almost every day, that got me thinking if I to hate somebody. Well you can hate something, but that is not the same as hating somebody.

Hate has to come from somewhere, you have to have a reason to hate somebody. Maybe that somebody that you hate did something that makes you hate him/her. However, I came to the conclusion that it is almost impossible to hate somebody without a reason and I guess sometimes that word is used at the wrong time or the wrong place or for the wrong reason or just because it is easy to remember and use it.

It can be used to give something a boost. You can say "I don't like this weather" or boost to "I hate this weather". It might have the same effect as the F-word, but sounding less vulgar. In the mean time we have some newer versions that we call "hate-crime" or "hate speech" and you can actually be arrested and possibly doing jail time for either one of the two. But as I mentioned above, there has to be a reason. Now what if that hatred is coming to us from our own Government? You think this is too far fetched? I don't think so.

If we watch what some of those Politicians do with our hard earned money, does that not create hate? If a veteran is told that we don't have money for them, but then hundreds of millions of dollars are given to countries some of us have not even heard of, give millions to a terrorist because he is a Canadian, welcomes ISIS fighters into Canada, hands out another few hundred millions to questionable refugees by giving them free housing, schooling, food etc. But then on the other side wants a tax return filed from everybody else. If that does not create hatred, what does? The only problem is, it makes us hate the wrong people.

I admit that I was never involved with any political party and I do have my reasons. You read the papers, you watch the news and then you know why. But at one time I was very close to joining the Reform Party and that was after I heard Preston Manning's motto " One Country - One People - One Law! But then I didn't and now I am glad I didn't. Preston Manning made it to Ottawa and I have not heard a single word from him, or about him, or about that Party ever again.

I am anything but a pessimist, however, our Government is working really hard to change that. I just wish that a few more Canadians wake up before it is not even worth to get up.

Roger von Dach

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