Fined for selling game meat

A Similkameen man has been fined $2,500 for illegally selling about $150 worth of deer, moose and elk meat.

Clint Holmes, 29, is a natural resource and cultural technician with the Upper Similkameen Indian Band. He pleaded guilty to one count of trafficking in wildlife Monday in Penticton court.

Following up on a tip in October 2015, undercover officers with the BC COS purchased $150 in deer, elk and moose meat from Holmes on two occasions.

The $2,500 penalty is the minimum allowed by law and was agreed upon by the Crown and defence — $2,000 of the fine will be diverted to the Habitat Conservation Trust Fund.

The court heard that Holmes has been on leave from his employment since the charges were brought against him in May 2017. He told the judge he’s struggled with his own identity as an outdoorsman since being charged.

“It’s made me very upset and I’m very remorseful. You will not see me in here again,” he told the judge.

Holmes will have one year to pay the fine.

A charge against Holmes’ wife for trafficking in wildlife related to the same investigation was stayed as a result of his guilty plea.

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