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Familia Torres, Spain

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Wine: Mas La Plana, 2012

Winery: Familia Torres (Spain)

Why drink it? In honour of the recent Vancouver International Wine Festival, the largest event of its kind in western North America, and its choice to feature Spain (and Portugal), try this 100 per cent Cabernet Sauvignon. Known for blends, this was one of the winery’s first single varietals. Big red fruit on the nose and palate, with plums and currants, there is also an earthy minerality on the long finish. Well balanced, lively, and different from what you might expect from a cab sauv, this wine — and others from Torres — are worth exploring. Several different vintages are available in government stores across B.C.

Price: $70

Pair with: Treat yourself to a side-by-side tasting of this bottle and an Okanagan cab sauv to taste the differences. You’ll probably want to reach for some meat — mildly spicy sausages, cured ham or prosciutto — or aged cheeses with strong flavours.

Music pairing: Heaven by Los Lonely Boys

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