Parking woes

I was so saddened to hear of your story on students' parking woes, this is a tragedy of our lifetimes. With all the conflict going on in the world, the threat of nuclear war, and climate change, these students have the added burden of having to walk 2 blocks to college, imagine that! How will they ever survive?

Kelowna weather is not exactly Hawaii, sometimes it does snow and the temperature can actually go below zero! This is a real burden on students and I don't believe they should suffer in such a manner. Someone should start a crowdfunding "Save the Parking Students of Okanagan College" so they don't have to hoof it 2 blocks. What is our world coming to? 

Take the bus, or ride your bike, or ski, or snowshoe, carpool anyone? Climate change, you know.

Elaine Tindall

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