Safe neighbourhood

I have just been reading stories about problems on Upper Sundance Rd in West Kelowna. What they describe are the exact same problems being experienced in Tower Ranch. 

New homes, piles of garbage, condoms, drug sales, gangs of kids with no respect. We phone the police and they seem so busy, so powerless to maintain safety in our neighbourhood. From sundown to about 3 in the morning, it is like a convention of cars ripping around in circles. 

I have contacted the mayor and council, and they refer me to Rutland RCMP, who attempt to be very helpful but end up being powerless. I voted for this mayor, but, I will not vote for him again. I will vote for any other candidate who decides to make neighbourhoods safe.

If you don't have a safe neighbourhood, you can't even really say you have a neighbourhood. 

Morley Deters

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