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Margot Robbie homesick

Actress Margot Robbie admits she is struggling to adapt to her new life in Los Angeles due to intense homesickness.

The Australian star has purchased a home in the California city with her husband Tom Ackerley, who she married last year, and although she is grateful to have a property to call her own, the distance from her native country presses on her psyche sometimes.

"It's (L.A.) where I am currently residing; it's difficult to grow roots here," she confesses to Stellar magazine. "I guess being married changed things.

"But about two years ago, I got really sick of not having a bedroom, or staying in hotels or Airbnbs for months on end (when doing business in L.A.) " and when everyone talked about going home, I didn't have a place to picture. It (buying a California property) freaks me out, it feels like too much commitment " I am used to living like a gypsy."

"It's the longest I have ever gone being away from home and it's killing me," she adds.

I, Tonya star Margot admits homesickness really takes hold when her friends and family get together for important events back home Down Under.

"(I miss) everything, my God," the 27-year-old laments. "Everything, from something as trivial as good coffee or hearing a certain bird " something random that you don't realize you are going to miss when you go. I miss the thunderstorms more than anything; nowhere else has good thunderstorms like you do on the Gold Coast.

"Obviously (I miss) big things like my family and my friends, being there to see my nephew grow up, weddings, funerals, all those big important moments where everyone comes together. To be away during those things sucks. But even the small things suck. Like, I miss Burger Rings, I miss Nutri-Grain! I can't wait to go back."

Margot notes she would ideally return to Oz "every couple of months", but has been away from home for a year now.

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