Bizarre system rulings

DC Comics created the bizarre world, a place where yes means no, good means bad, and everything is backward. The U.S. has the Trump administration, the new home of Adolf Hitler's "big lie". Amazingly, Canada has its own bizarre world - it's called the (In)Justice System.

To the victims and their families, the words "betrayal", "astonishment", and "stunned" are gross understatements used to describe the pain and disillusionment they must feel. The absurdity of it all has reached epic proportions and occurs with increasing regularity.

On December 1st alone, alleged mass murderer Jamie Bacon had his charges stayed (a.k.a. dropped) by a judge. Unrepentant Kelly Ellard was granted day parole from a 2005 murder conviction even though, while incarcerated, she did drugs, dated a gang associate, and gave birth to a baby. A Mission, B.C. shop owner foiled two thieves by locking them in his store and calling 911, only to be told by the R.C.M.P. that no constable will be responding and to let them go or he himself might be charged. 

Add to that a Prime Minister that apologized and paid $10.5M to terrorist Omar Khadr and more recently announced 200 radicalized Islamic State terrorists returning to Canada will receive therapy and be reintegrated into our communities. These asinine decisions are but a fraction of a list that goes on ad nauseam. 

Incredibly, this isn't the worst of it, that fault belongs to each one of us. We hear of these decisions, shrug our shoulders, and lament "oh well, what are you going to do?". We won't lift a finger, make a phone call, or send an email to our MP or MLA to voice our concern and frustration until we too become a victim. We deserve what we get. 

Robert Brown

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