Too quick to criticize

I read where some in Canada battered PM Trudeau for not being in Canada for the ceremonies honouring our war dead, veterans and those who are still serving. Thank you all.

I don't think Trudeau went to all the trouble to not be in Canada and if the latest agreements with the other countries comes to fruition, many jobs in Canada will be saved and bring a great deal of needed economy here. Yes he remembered of that i am sure.

How quickly those who criticize Trudeau for not appearing yet not much was said about PM Harper for not attending one ceremony in CFB Trenton when over 150 Canadian war dead came back to be buried. So I guess we have to choose our battles regardless of which side of the coin you might be on.

11 Nov 2017 am, I went to Apple Orchard Mall, prior to 11am, walked around past all the stores and counted 52 persons wearing a poppy. There were hundreds in the mall. So when Trudeau is criticized for not being at the ceremony in Ottawa, perhaps more should be taken to task for not wearing a poppy since the poppy is by donation.

I applaud the Mall for what they did to remember the fallen this day, it brought tears to my eyes. Thank You.

Dale Dirks

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