Veterans are hurting

With integrity, honour, trust, guts, courage, dedication and nerve. When held at gunpoint they see their life flash before their eyes, to fulfill their promise of safety to those they volunteered to serve.

Facing weapons meant to kill yet willing to lay their lives on the line. Hearing of their fellow Veterans maimed or who once lived have died, defending those at home and to fight for peace and freedom is their kind.

They return from war, from death, from fear and loss of limb and life, ghastly memories, carnage leaves battered hearts and souls and minds. With hope to safely return home, to their children to husband or to wife
and yet for them there are no rights, no freedoms or expectation of care, governments offers no understanding for veterans, no one has their back!

No kindness or compassion, just a garbled charter that is nowhere near fair, gone is care, fairness, honour, integrity when they shelved the Veterans Act. Hundreds of millions for a new charter that was never really meant to work. With false and broken promise of care, injustice for honourable treatment, a bureaucratic exercise to steal from our veterans, something rather berserk!

Families are torn and broken apart, children left without a mother or father, agony, pain means little to those that watch Veteran’s lives being ripped apart. Funding is funneled away and clawbacks and rip offs are the order of the day, programs that rob them of their needs, injustices that create more nightmares.

The pains of our Veterans, the way they may suffer; the hurts of her or him, most enjoy peace, the quietness of rights and freedoms. Yet too many are unaware, no freedom from horrific memories of pain, loss of sight, of mind, of body, of limb.

Dave W Palmer

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